Sunday, March 10, 2013

Life's Busy!

I'm alive!  I have been so crazy busy with home life and school.  Everything that's not absolutely necessary has been put aside, so blogging has suffered.  Here's what I've been up to, hanging out with my husband, dog, family, and of course teaching.  My family has received some bad news about my aunt, so we're trying to spend as much time together as possible.  Sometimes it takes great heartache to remind us of what's truly important in life.

 I've recently become involved in a high school girl's ministry at our church.  I'm working with the freshman girls and LOVING it.  I wish I had been apart of something like this back in my high school days.  Things may have been different for me if I had gotten on the straight and narrow a long time ago!  But no worries, God never stopped chasing me and He eventually caught me and straightened me out ;)  I'm really excited to be with these girls.  Here we are at our painting party.

 My grandpa turned 91 this year!  We spent the day celebrating with him and I fixed him his favorite chocolate cake.  He has deemed me his cake maker.  I am honored :)
Me, grandpa, and my aunt Margaret
 J and I
 We've been scheduling date nights and taking time for each other since the new year.  Not that we didn't before, but we definitely needed this with the schedules we're both keeping right now.  I love hanging out with him.  He's not only my husband, but my best friend.  We've grown so much together over the past almost 4 years.  And he still knows the way to my cream.

Our furgirl is still her sweet playful self.  She makes me smile everyday.  I couldn't imagine a life without her.  Coming home to her little wagging body is the sweetest treat.  Even if she digs holes in our yard or eats light bulbs and gets in big trouble, she still loves us.

That's what I've been up to!  Faith, family, work.  That's all I've had time for recently, but at least I've got my priorities in order.  Hopefully soon I'll have more time to post and catch up on some really good recipes!  Be blessed!