Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding Day Hair

Today I'm linking up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition to help her out with wedding hair.  Her wedding is a month away and my one year anniversary is a month away...say WHAT!  WHERE does the time go?!  We'll both have anniversaries just a day apart.  Anywho, she needs ideas and I figured I'd lend a hand.  Not that my wedding hair was the be all, end all of everything.  But it was me & I knew Jared would love it.

I wanted soft curls/waves for my big day.  My hair is naturally wavy so I wanted something that would work with it's natural texture.  I like my hair down & felt like it was more of a romantic look with my dress.  Honestly, I'm just not super comfortable with all of my hair pulled back.  I never wear it like that and didn't want to do something too drastic on my wedding day.  Do what works for you and your taste!

I left my hair down with a few strands pulled back around my face.  Mind you, it was 100 degrees on my wedding day (just let me thank God one more time for no rain or hurricanes!) so I needed to prevent my hair from sticking to sweat.

You can see by the end of the day, my curls had fallen significantly and I was left with loose waves.  Mission accomplished!  Not too bad for 90% humidity.  Here are so more side views (just in case you didn't get enough, ha!)

Cutting our wedding cake.

Cutting J's Razorback Groom's Cake.  Go Hogs!!  (Almost football season!)

Ahh...I love reminiscing about our wedding day.  It was the best day of my life.  


ashley said...

so pretty! this is kind of what i want to do on my big day (if that day ever comes!)

Beth @beth-adam.blogspot.com said...

your hair was fantastic!! I often flip mine up in a loose ponytail during the day to keep it out of my face, but other than that I keep mine down too! And I agree, I'm not a fan of up-do's, I always end up looking like a helmet head or a granny. bahaha :)

A. Jackson said...

wow! I looove your wedding hair:-) It was absolutely gorgeous!


You looked gorgeous. Happy first anniversary to you both.

Lisa x

Whitney said...

ohmygoodnes...these pics are breath taking. love love love!!!! you are so gorgeous :)

Eclectically E said...

What a gorgeous wedding!! Your hair and dress is just gorgeous! Looks like an absolute perfect day!

So glad I found your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi! You looked gorgeous on your wedding day!! I am getting married in October and LOVE your veil! Can you tell me where you got it? I would love to get something similar!

Carrie Louise said...

You guys are all so sweet and beautiful yourselves!

I got my veil at a store in my town called the Bridal Suite. I don't even know who's it made by! There's no tag. My Meemaw just saw it in the rack and it was love at first sight.