Friday, April 1, 2011

Show Us Your Life - Tell Us About Your Church

Today I am linking up with Kelly over at Kelly's Korner for Show Us Your Life - Show Us Your Church!  This one makes me happy because I love my church so very much!  Our Pastor is amazing, God does great work through him.  His sermons are neither politically correct or sugar coated.  He tells it like it is and that's what I love.  He preaches the Gospel and every Sunday I leave feeling cleansed.  Our music director is on fire and makes the church come alive with songs of praise.  We have wonderful connection groups, an active youth group, and great mission organizations that are continually doing work locally and around the world to spread God's love and word.  But most important of all, God's presence can be felt inside the walls of Olive Baptist Church - it is alive!

 We love our Pastor!

Olive is a fairly large church, but don't be intimidated by it's large number of members.  When you get involved, it feels so small.  I can walk into the sanctuary and feel at home surrounded by friends.

I am a Southern Baptist by choice.  I was raised in a Methodist church most of my life, but as I got older, I migrated towards the Baptist religion.  My Meemaw is Southern Baptist so I can give her credit for getting me involved and introducing me at a young age.  ;)

I have personally become much more involved in church within the past year.  I feel more convicted now than I ever have in my life.  I have made so many great friends through our Sunday School class and I am forever grateful for that.  We are like one big family.  During times of happiness and times of hardship, we lift each other up.  I thank God for those people in my life.  I am so encouraged through people I've met in the church and feel closer to God than ever before.  I love how it makes me feel accountable for my own relationship with Jesus and for my marriage and relationships with others.  Jared and I owe a lot to the love, support and encouragement we receive through Olive.

If you're in the Pensacola area, I would love for you to check out our church.  Come sit by me!! :)


Lori said...

I'm from South Alabama and have been to Olive for several concerts and conferences throughout the years. A wonderful church!

Erin Enriquez said...

I like this :). I may blog about this someday too! God is so good, Carrie and even tho we are of different religions, we have one thing in common for sure.. that we both love our Lord and Savior -- Jesus Christ. Praise on!