Friday, August 5, 2016

I'm Baaaaack!

Y''s been quite awhile!  I think my last post was December of 2013.
So much life has happened!
I got a chuckle reading my "About Me" section.  "I'm a twenty something year old..." Ha!  Not anymore!  I need to make some updates.  That one made me laugh, but then the "Featured On" made me sad.  I can't bring myself to take that off.  I miss reading my sweet blogging friend, Leslie's posts.  She went to be with Jesus a year ago.

Where do I even begin?  I will have to go back and blog all about our infertility struggles and ultimately success because J and I are now proud parents to our precious miracle girl!
 Newborn photo courtesy of Patsy Brown

Those big blue eyes melt our hearts.  She brings so much JOY to our lives and she's a constant reminder of God's goodness.  He hears our prayers!  I could never thank Him enough, but I will always try.

So, since I'm a new momma, time is of the essence...meaning, I don't have a whole lot of it.  I'm going to try to blog a couple of times a week.  I thought about bringing back Meal Plan Monday to help motivate folks to try new foods and meal plan too.  I will also try to do a weekly recipe post that I'm going to call "Fast Fixins".  It'll be a healthy recipe that takes 30 minutes or less.  Sound good?  Of course I'll have to post about our precious Emmy girl as well!  I'm excited to start back to blogging.  Here's to my 30s and the adventures life holds!

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Monica Godwin said...

Love it! So excited to read your blog!

Cat Simmonds said...

Glad you are back!