Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekday Woes

Why does it feel like the weekdays drag by, but the weekend is gone in a blink??? I guess that's why life seems to go so fast - we're always looking forward to the weekend. It's kind of sad, isn't it? Anywho, speaking of weekend, I had a super productive one. But this coming weekend, I am just going to C H I L L! I ended up being able to tackle the dining room "china cabinet". Here's some before and after. It was REALLY needing some color. I'm apt to make a few more changes, but for the time being, this will suffice :)

Before - boring!


Much better, right?! I ended up using a plate left over from one of my bridal showers, cut it down to size & put it in a frame. The blue and black go perfectly with my theme here...And I was even able to use a wedding program to put in the monstrous teal frame at the top. Can you tell what my favorite color is?! :)

I'm trying to make my meal plan for the week (I usual do this on Sundays, but this Sunday was so busy that I didn't have time). If anyone has any recipe ideas they'd like to share, I am all ears! I'll start posting this on here & helping all of you out with some ideas :)

Tonight is plyometrics night for my P90X workouts. Ugh totally dreading that. It's a love/hate relationship - love the results, hate the hurt involved. Anyways, happy almost humpday!

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