Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Core Lies

This summer I started a Bible/book study at church.  Unfortunately, I couldn't keep attending the classes due to school and an Awana commitment, but I did continue reading one of the books that we were studying.  It was so eye opening.  And messy.  And hard to handle at times.  It revealed things about myself that were ugly.  But now I'm on a track to a healthy relationship with me.

The e-book is called "Core Lies" by Sarah Mae.  It's only 36 pages and it's completely free to download.  I just downloaded it on my iBooks for iPad.  I would highly suggest each and every one of you to download and read it as well.  It's about exposing lies that we believe to be true about ourselves.  For example, not being pretty enough, not being smart enough, not being good enough, etc... And then it goes further to make you uncover wounds in your life that caused these lies.

When I first started reading it, I didn't think any of them applied to me.  But then the author started giving examples.  Oh.my.word.  I was doing or thinking almost all of those things.  It took me awhile to realize the grip that these lies had over my life.  But once I was able to uncover them, suddenly I was aware of my actions and behavior.  There were times when I really didn't like the way I was acting, but more so, I didn't like the lie I was believing about myself.

I believe women are especially hard on themselves.  We compare ourselves to these super models that adorn the front of magazines who are unrealistic and frankly, freaks of nature.  I mean, what normal woman is 5'11', 100 lbs, 36", 24", 36"?!  We compare ourselves to other women we know, wishing we had qualities and attributes they encompass.  "I wish I could cook like her, I wish my hair looked like hers, I wish I could sew like her, I wish I had her eyes, I wish I was that skinny, I wish my body looked like that."  We even relish in someone else's pain and weakness because it makes us feel better about ourselves.  How awful.  It seems we always want what we don't have.

We have to stop doing this.  
It's destructive and degrading to all of us.

Why do we act this way?  We are all each fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of our Creator.  We all have our own unique talents and we're supposed to use them to glorify the One who made us.  Besides, if I'm always complaining about the way I look or feel, what am I really saying?  I was made in His image.  Is He not good enough?  Surely not!  So what makes me think I should be any better than He made me?

I'm sure this is all just rambling, but I need to be reminded of this occasionally.  This study was very eye opening for me.  It helped reveal lies that I believed about myself and see the destruction they have in my life.  That's the devil's way of having a grip over me.  But I won't give in!  I hope you'll take the time and read this quick book.  The book is a fast read, but the lesson is never ending.

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Holly said...

Thank you for sharing. I catch myself putting myself down as most women do these days. I'm def going to download. Hope your staying safe from Isaac!