Monday, November 14, 2011

Random Thoughts

I don't know about y'all but it was hard to get going this morning!  A 3 day weekend spoils me.  And boy oh boy I can't wait for my 5 day weekend next week!  That's right, Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

Random Thought #1 - As I've gotten older, I've decided that Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday.  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but it's so commercialized now and we get away from the true meaning of it.  Thanksgiving is pressure free - no gifts to be bought, no house to lavishly decorate inside and out, and you get to spend time with family and friends stuffing yourself, shopping, and just hanging out.  It is such a relaxing holiday for me.  And it deserves it's day!  I don't mean to be all "Bah, humbug!" about Christmas, because trust me - I'm not.  I just think folks need to chill out a little bit.  Christmas decorations have been out since July!  It's ridiculous how much marketing is amped up for Christmas.  Just my spill, had to let that out.  I refuse to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

Random Thought # 2 - I really want some creamy chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight but I'm having blackened fish and veggies instead.  It's nothing but lean proteins and complex carbs for me this week.  I always do this to myself - come cooler weather, I crave hearty food and always end up losing all of my muscles and then gaining it back in "insulation".  I justify it by saying I need a little insulation for the cooler months, but then I am so mad at myself come March.  So here's to eating good this week so I can indulge next week and not feel guilty!  It doesn't help that I've eaten probably half of a pan of brownies I made Friday night.  Oy!  The downside of loving to cook and bake...but Rosie and I went on a 2 mile jog tonight and I came home and worked out after.  Just gotta stick with it!

Random Thought # 3 - I was an advocate for P90X but this girl does not have that kind of time anymore.  So what do I do?  I get ideas from Pinterest of course!  Tonight I did this workout and it kicked my bootay.

Random Thought # 4 - Who's going to see the new Twilight movie Friday night?  Wish I could say for sure but that depends on Bob's work schedule.  But I really can't wait for Hunger Games!

Random Thought # 5 - I finished Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven this weekend. Go grab you a copy.  It was a great book!  I'm such a fan of his.  I've read everything he's put out, but I've been a little behind.  It's an easy read and so suspenseful...I couldn't put it down.

Source: via Carrie on Pinterest

Last Random Thought # 6 - If you are in a relationship or plan on being in a relationship, go buy The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  Ah-mazing book.  Hubs and I have been reading it together and it has been eye opening.  I think everyone should be required to read it before marriage.  

Hope the rest of your week is lovely! XO


Keli said...

Totally agree about Christmas! I wrote pretty much the same thing today in my post. :)

Leslie Reithmiller said...

Mike and I read The 5 Love Languages during our pre-marital counseling. Two thumbs up!

Savannah said...

I'm a fan of Thanksgiving for all the same reasons and LOVED Safe Haven! Such a great read!

ms.composure said...

def LOVING this post!

Carrie Louise said...

Keli, great minds think alike!

Leslie, it's such a great book!

and Savannah and Ms. Composure, thanks for commenting! Hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! XO