Saturday, March 3, 2012

Break My Heart for What Breaks Yours

It's a rainy dreary day here and I'm taking a much needed mental break from school work.  I have so much to write, but do not know where to start.  I can start with the hardships and end on a positive note.  I'm just rambling to myself trying to make sense of everything so sad, yet everything so wonderful.

This past week was just full of bad news.  I know there are certain seasons of life that just seem more grim than others.  We fluctuate from highs to lows.  And death seems to have cycles like this as well.  It'll be a long time without anyone I know passing and then all of a sudden I'm reading about someone new everyday.  Yesterday was just like that.  We learned of 3 deaths yesterday, with more earlier in the week and some still suffering, not long for this world.  It just breaks your heart to see others hurt that way.  And I can't help think of this song by Hillsong United and a different one by Matthew West that says break my heart for what breaks Yours.  This line has been on my mind for awhile and I pray for that.  And it was surely answered.  I have particularly had such a heavy heart for one of my students.  It is unreal what some children go through.  This child has been through some of the lowest valleys I can imagine and I just don't know how he even functions.  God's grace has seen this child through many a storm and his storms keep on raging.  Teaching is in no way an easy career.  It's trying of your patience, full of long days, and your heart just breaks at times.  But it is absolutely rewarding if you have the calling.  I just praise God that He put this student in my class.

My favorite song at the moment.  Learning to Be the Light by Newworldson

Through this I have learned a very important lesson - I am where I am strictly because of God's grace in my life.   I can remember saying after we bought this house that we had worked so hard to put ourselves through school and start careers so that we could be in this position to buy.  But I was SO WRONG.  It wasn't anything WE did, it was everything HE did.  I am where I am because of His grace alone.  What makes me live in a home and not on the street is not because I have a great job or a college education.  It's because the Lord's grace provided that for me.  There are millions of people who are born into or experience circumstances beyond their control and that could just as easily be me.  It was such a sobering realization for me, but one that I needed.  I don't even know if this makes sense to anyone else, but it does to me.

So yesterday evening, I was feeling particularly down and just sad.  We had a Ladies Night Out event at church and I was just praying that it would lift my spirits and lift my spirits it did!  I ended the evening with so much joy restored to my heart.  I got to spend some good time with my SIL Amber, her friend Jessica, and my friend Rachel.  They are such awesome folks.  It was good and I felt so refreshed.  :)

I woke up to a beautiful, cool morning today (before the rain set in).  Hubs and I had coffee on our porch and walked around the yard admiring some gorgeous flowers in bloom.  I love spring and the rebirth of everything!  It's hard not to smile when you see beauty all around.

 This azalea is covered in hundreds of tiny blooms!
I forgot what these are called but they're so pretty with their little pink flowers and purple leaves.

I can't wait to see what else will bloom soon.  Our hydrangeas are starting to bud.  Those are my favorite!

I'm happy to end this on a positive, peaceful note.  No matter what goes on all around, Jesus' place in my heart provides me peace and comfort.  Be blessed! XO


Andrea said...

Glad your spirits were lifted at the conference. It is the worst having a heavy heart for someone and not knowing how to help, but we can always pray for them! Love your blog! ~Andrea

Tara said...

What a sweet post. I hate those times of feeling low but sometimes I feel that's when God feels the closest :)

Hope your weekend ends on a high note!
Tara xo

Carrie Louise said...

Tara, I definitely agree! Thank y'all for your kind words. The weekend definitely ended on a high note. Have a great week!

Michelle said...

Love your blog! So happy to be your newest follower!

Vanesa K said...

I was searching on Google for the song that says those words "Break my heart for what breaks yours" and it led me to you. You had me at 'grits'. Haha! I am from NW Pennsylvania...but have a father from North is in me. Haha!

Anyway...I am right 10:26pm on December 6th writing a post about this exact thing. I prayed those words and I have been complaining to God for years that He answered my request. I was warned that it was a powerful prayer...and I am so glad that His revealtion to me recently was so timely for what I've been experiencing!

I will be checking in on your blog more often now that I know we share a love of God, grace and grits! =)

Check out my latest post sometime...