Friday, May 28, 2010

Moving Out, Moving On

Yesterday was a very eventful day - won't provide too many details but let's just say God was watching over my family (as He always does) & I am so thankful for that. Prayers do get answered, people!

After an eventful morning, I went to my apartment one last time to get the last items out of there. Such a bittersweet thing - I'm beyond excited to take these next steps in my life, but it's a little sad to leave. After all, I have many good memories there. It was my first place, first time living on my own, GREAT location in the heart of downtown & it will always hold a very special place in my heart since Jared proposed to me there. I am truly blessed that I found that little house on such short notice. It was perfect for me. I took a few pictures to commemorate & share.

The front

My living area

My little galley kitchen

The courtyard outside my front door

Ahh I will miss this little house & the neighborhood! But like I said, I'm so happy to take the next step in life & I absolutely can't wait to marry my best friend! Plus I love North hill as well and having more room in our rental house + all hardwoods = easy cleanup & more room to decorate ;)

This Memorial Day weekend we are headed to Jonesboro, AR to visit Jared's family. I can't wait! I love them & wished we all lived closer to one another. Maybe one day ;) Hope everyone has a wonderful 3 day weekend:)

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