Friday, October 7, 2011

Show us Your Life - Show us Your Pets

I'm taking time out of a busy schedule to hook up with Kelly over at Kelly's Korner for Show us Your Life - Show us Your Pets.  Let me clarify that for me, it is simply PET.  She is enough, ha!

Let me start from the beginning....J and I had been married about 4 months.  We had talked about getting a dog, but it pretty much ended there - until one freezing cold rainy day in January of 2011.  My friend had rescued a little puppy from the side of the road.  She was almost run over by a UPS truck, her little ribs were showing, and her tail was broken.  Long story short, the dog was lost and didn't have any identification.  My friend couldn't keep her and posted a picture of her on facebook before taking her to the Humane Society.  J saw it and emailed me telling me he wanted her.  I thought he was joking.

We went to see her that night and she immediately ran up to us and starting kissing us.  She was the sweetest little thing ever.  We took her home that night.  We named her Rosalie, Rosie for short.

The first night at our house went well, but it was CLEAR that she had never been an inside dog.  We immediately started kennel training her and she did fine...until two days later.  We both work so we had to leave her in her kennel.  I was going to come home on my lunch break and let her out.  When I walked in the door, she greeted me.  At first, I bent down to pet her but then the realization hit me that she was not supposed to be out....she was supposed to be in her kennel.  She had escaped.  She had jumped in the trash can and trash sprinkled my floors from the kitchen through the dining room and into the living room. I walked in the guest room (where I used to get ready) and she had pooped on my bathrobe and peed on the bed.  I spent my whole lunch break cleaning and sanitizing and wondering what to do about this dog.  This timid little shy puppy was starting to show her true colors!  But at least she hadn't eaten any shoes.  (I am pleased to report that she engages in no such behaviors anymore.)

Time went on and I realized this dog is just plain crazy.  But she is so entertaining.  She definitely has a walnut for a brain, she can't help it.  She loves to ride backwards in the car, eat blankets, tell on herself, will tear any toy apart in minutes, absolutely LOVES kids, digs way too many holes, eats peanut butter everyday, begs for ice cubes, prefers to give hugs rather than just being petted, sneaks on the couch when I'm not watching, hides from you, yawns very loudly each morning to announce that she's awake, howls every night, and will run from you if she doesn't want to come inside.  I love her, bless her little heart.  There have been many a tiff over our little dog-ter but I don't know what I'd do without her.  She is pure entertainment - if not for me, then for someone listening to a story about her.


Here's Rosie's life in pictures.  We still don't know what kind of dog she is.  We thought Rottweiler at first but she is too little.  Definitely some Lab in there and possibly Beagle, maybe German Shepard, a hound of some type.  She is a good old fashioned MUTT.


always ready to play.  i love her eyebrows.


hiding because she didn't want a bath


this is what we call "butt sitting".  she's a butt sitter.


ahhh...the "indestructible football" that she annihilated in days.  she's also laying behind two holes she dug that morning.


she ran straight into her kennel.  i later found new holes in the yard - just an example of how she tells on herself.  also, notice the shredded blanket.  doesn't matter what kind we use, she eats them all.

Rosalie Posalie - she's the coolest, weirdest little pup on the block. ;)


Savannah said...

Rosie is precious! I laughed out loud at the thought of her riding backwards in the car! :) Silly dogs always bring the best entertainment and ours has a few crazy antics of his own. Regardless of the headaches they cause, I can never imagine our family without them and I'm sure you feel the same. Enjoy your weekend!

Tiffany said...

She is PRECIOUS! This was obviously the perfect match. You saved her and she is such a precious addition to your family. Gosh, I love dogs. They bring so much joy!!

Perpetual Blind Date said...

Puppies really are like babies - you cant take your eye off of them before they get theirselves into something! At least shes cute :) - sarah

L0veLindsey said...

Hahaha sounds like she needs her own blog! I love her! We have 3 pups and she sounds like Rhiley our lab/shepherd mix.. it's possible Rosie is a Rottie/lab mix. Rhiley is a combination of two big dogs but was somehow denied a growth spurt so she only weighs 40 lbs.. bless her "little" heart! Sounds like Rosie needs some furry friend entertainment. Ever thought of getting another playmate for her? LOL