Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Fun and a Little Catch-up

Going back to last Sunday night, I need to post about Olive's Solemn Assembly, but I haven't had adequate time to spend posting about this very important milestone in my faith.  We, as members, we asked to spend the month of January preparing ourselves for this event last Sunday night.  A book, more like a workbook, was recommended for us to read in preparation as well.  It's called Returning to Holiness written by Gregory R. Frizzell.  And boy-let-me-tell-you was this one powerful tool.  This book broke me down and made me get on my knees in repentance.  I still haven't finished it, but it was such an eye opening book for me.  It had been a loooooooong time since I surrendered like that before God.  I would highly recommend it to each of you.  It has helped me innumerably.  Two of my biggest problems, I will admit, are sins of the attitude and worrying.  Sometimes I just have a plain ole bad attitude about various aspects of things in my life and I've always been a "worrywart" (but that doesn't make it right).  That has totally changed since reading this.  Don't get me wrong, these are both personality traits about me that I still work on day in and day out, but what a difference!  I feel as though a weight has been lifted!  I want everyone to feel this way!  So last Sunday, all members of Olive were called to attend the Solemn Assembly.  It was the single handed most amazing thing I have experienced in my life.  There was not one dry eye in the church when all was said and done.  You could feel God's mighty presence in the building and in each person.  Many people were saved, many asked for forgiveness and chose to start walking with God, and many were brought to their knees in surrender because we, as humans, cannot make it alone.  These past 2 years of my life have been so significant in my walk with God.  I feel closer to Him now that ever and I pray that everyone can feel this way too.  Life makes sense and everything just seems so much easier knowing that I'm not in control...knowing that He wants whats best for me and for me to follow His will.  Ahhh, I'm blessed!

So currently...Whew, what a busy, but FUN weekend it has been!  We started off with dinner Friday night with a couple from our Sunday school class.  We had a great time, they are such good company :)  I feel so blessed to have met them and many other couples through our connection group at church.  I've mentioned our Sunday school class in an earlier post, but in case you're just now reading this, Jared and I attend a Sunday school class, also called "connection groups", at our church.  Our class is designed for engaged/newlywed couples.  It is the perfect fit for us!  We love our teachers and all the friends we've made.  It feels like one big family.  Each month, we generally have some type of event put on that we all try to attend.  Next Sunday after church, we're heading to a teacher's house for a big potluck lunch.  Other times we do game nights, go bowling, etc.  I look forward to all of our events & thoroughly enjoy myself.  Every time we leave, I always tell Jared that I feel so refreshed.  It feels good being around people who genuinely care for you.  I struggled for so long with the concept of Sunday school.  I used to attend when I was younger (middle school was when I stopped) and I'm actually a very shy person and some of the kids were not very nice to me.  Silly, I know, but I still had that complex even as an adult.  This class has made all the difference in my life and really giving a new meaning the "church family".

Saturday was filled with wedding showers!  So many of my good friends are getting married this year and I'm in 3 more wedding before July, whew!  Plus two more to attend.  This spring will be busy, but a good busy...what's better than love and sharing in someone's joy?!  So Saturday, my friend Lauren had her shower at one and then I was off to my friend Erin's shower (I'm in her wedding) at two.  I had such a good time at both of them & of course I love to have a reason to dress up ;)  LOL I'm such a girly-girl.  I love getting dolled up for stuff like that. Especially on Saturdays because most are spent in sweats.  Ha ha..

After church this morning, Rosalie and I headed off the the dog park while Jared prepared for some depositions tomorrow.  I was kinda nervous taking her since it was her first time and I didn't know how she would react.  But she loved it!  She had to greet every person and dog that came her way.  We spent about two hours out there, walked a WHOLE lot then came on back home where she went on another walk.  I wore her little butt out :)  She's sleeping on the rug as I type.

Here's Rosie on the way home from the dog park.  She's such a weirdo, I guess she didn't get the memo to sit facing the windshield, LOL  And yes, she rode like that the whole time.

When we finally got home, she was too tired to play with her ball (her beloved, she is obsessed)

And here's one more picture just because I think she looks cute.  So mischievous, can't you tell?!  She was trying to jump on the couch (a no-no in our house)

Stay tuned for Meal Plan Monday!

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