Thursday, February 3, 2011

Doggie Daze

I haven't updated in awhile, but lots of exciting things have been going on!  First of all, we got a dog!  Totally unexpected but super exciting!  She's a little mutt - vet says some hound, some doberman, etc. but we'll take her!  She was a rescue.  Honestly, she is so good that it amazes me.  I have never had a dog that I hadn't bought from a breeder, but there is such a difference.  She just seems so thankful and works extra hard to make her mommy and daddy happy.  She learned to sit in her first 5 days with us and already runs to the back door when she needs to go outside.  She had an accident in the house the 1st day (was our fault though) and that's been it!  She's doing excellent on a leash and is learning how to play!  We bought her all of these toys and for about a week she would just look at them and walk away, even terrified of balls or anything thrown.  Now she flings them all over and runs to catch them when we throw it.  She loves them & she definitely knows what it means when we say, "go get your ball!"  She's such a lover and cuddle bug too:)  She sleeps in her kennel all night long, without a whimper & gets up whenever we do.  Rosalie is her name.  Here's a picture of her after we first got her.  I think her nose has grown some since then, he he he.
Isn't she cute?!  I may be slightly biased ;)  She loves her cousins Jemma and Bo (Julie & Brian's dogs) and gets excited when we take her over to their house to run around!

I've gotten some feedback about my meal plans & people are starting to share theirs with me, love it!  Please keep it coming!  I've gotten some great ideas and new recipes along the way too.  But since it's Thursday, I figured it may be a little late to post my meal plan for this week since it's coming to an end.  So, that'll have to wait until next week.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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