Monday, June 27, 2011

I Had a Plan...

I found my jump drive from high school/college last week and couldn't help but plug it in to see what was on there.  Oh boy...high school pictures, early college pictures and almost all of my coursework from my college classes.  I was smart, ha!  I don't remember half of that stuff.  Case in point...

What does that even mean?  At one point I did know.  Anyways, I had this class my junior year of college called 'Futures'.  Every college of business student was required to take this class before they graduated.  It was designed to make you think about your future, plan ahead, or so I thought.  Maybe it was designed to make me laugh out loud as I read back on my assignments years after the fact.  Wow, how so much can change!

I had a plan.  I had it all figured out.  Career was # 1 on my list.  I was going to travel the world and be a successful business woman, eventually becoming a VP at some major company. Ha!  I was going to get married and wait to have kids until I was almost 30 or over.  Not that there's anything wrong with any of this, it is just so not how my life has turned out and none of it was what I really longed for.  I was just cracking up reading this...thinking to myself how naive I was.  I was so lost.  Any of you ever do that?  Now, some of my "Life Plan/Inventory" was and still is dead "Things I Would Like To Stop Doing" section reads:
1. Always having to be right (lol)
2. Being too self critical
I still struggle with those all of the time.  But overall, I was so off.  I was lacking God as the foundation of my life.  I was going about it my own way and I'd like to reach back and slap my 18 year old self.  I could have saved a lot of time and money had I consulted with God first, but that's okay.  He knew I had to go through all of that in order to be where I am now.  After all, had I not gone down that path, I don't know how I ever would have met my husband and some of the best friends I have.  So, maybe having "my plan" wasn't so bad after all.  He knew I'd eventually get it right .  I'm just thankful I got on "His plan" so I'd be led straight to the love of my life.  Ahhh...saved by the Grace of God. :)

Speaking of the love of my life, I just have to mention how proud I am of him and everyone that worked on this past case.  They were in trial all last week and the jury determined Friday night that the man they were representing was not negligent.  Such a great victory for them, I could have cried when I heard the verdict read.  They worked so hard and deserve to feel good about all their hard work.  Rosie and I sure were getting lonely without J around though.  Happy to have him back :)

Anyways, y'all want a meal plan?  Here it goes:
Monday: Pork tenderloin & steamed broccoli (since we didn't eat that Friday - went out to celebrate the defense victory!)
Tuesday: Blackened snapper and steamed asparagus
Wednesday: Grilled mustard lime chicken with grilled zucchini.  Recipe here.
Thursday: Eat Clean homemade pizza
Friday: Eat Clean tacos
Saturday: Green Chile turkey burgers (possibly)
Sunday: dinner with Meemaw
Monday: 4th of July!  I'll be making this fruit pizza

Hope y'all had a good Monday! XOXO

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