Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Love

Things are now starting to slow down a bit for us.  Report cards went home today, it's almost Thanksgiving, boxes are almost completely unpacked, Halloween is over, and we're getting settled in and really loving our new home.  We finally got to enjoy a date night this weekend complete with a trip to Pottery Barn.  It was perfect.  We're onto the furnishing part instead of unpacking.  We didn't realize how little we had until we got in this house.  Take our office for example...  Here's a picture of our office after a fresh coat of paint.


Now Jared and I have always thought we had a pretty impressive book collection for two young people.  At our first home, we had more books than our built ins could allow....but now...Exhibit A..


Looks okay, right?  Well, check it out all together.


Whooooooaaaaa....we have a lot of space to fill!  But thankfully, we also have a lot of time.

I know I haven't posted many progress pictures, but here's a before and after of our living room color.  I bought new fans a couple of weeks ago but we have yet to put them up.  They'll get up there eventually!  A BIG THANK YOU to my hardworking BIL, Brian, for painting this whole house!  He did an awesome job!

Before - it was totally pink.


After - muuuuuch better.


But enough about the house.  Let me tell you how great those recipes from Pinterest were last week.  Remember my last meal plan?  I made potato soup and enchiladas from recipes I pinned.  They did not disappoint!  Both have gone into my permanent recipe book.  Now, I have been less than pleased with some recipes I've pinned, but these were great.  I definitely recommend you try them.

It's almost 9:00 which means it's past my bedtime.  I have a lot more to write about our crazy first Halloween in the new house, but that will have to wait for tomorrow when I can keep my eyelids open.  Until then, be blessed!  XO


Lindsey said...

The new paint color looks fab, I love it. I'm still unpacking myself. I can't wait to be finished. This weekend my plan is to finish unpacking and get completely organized. We will see, that has been my plan for the past 2 weekends, but I have yet to accomplish a thing.

Carrie Louise said...

Haha! I understand. Thanks about the paint color! I like it sooo much better. Good luck this weekend - I have faith in ya ;)

Savannah said...

LOVE those built-ins ... even if you have lots of space to grow. :) I can see some fab Christmas decor filling the space until then.

Yay for good recipes. I have also been disappointed with a few from Pinterest - they look better than they taste. Glad to know these are keepers.

LOVE your new wall color!

Jamie said...

I LOVE all the built-ins! So nice :)