Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kale Salad

A teacher friend of mine made this recipe and shared it with our staff at a work potluck we had a few months back.  I didn't try it or decide to make it until Christmas and I was missing out!  It's so healthy, but tastes really good as well.  She has given me permission to share, so without further delay, here you go!

Kale Salad

-one bunch of kale, cut out stems (or I just bought a big bag that was already cut up & used half)
-juice of one lemon
-1-2 tbs olive or flax oil (I used 2 tbs olive)
-1 tbs apple or rice vinegar (I used apple)
-3 pinches of salt
-several dashes of chili powder (I did about 4-5)
-3 cloves of garlic, chopped
-1-2 oz Asiago cheese, grated

1. Remove vein from kale and chop, unless you're like me and you bought the pre-chopped stuff already.
2. Chop garlic and mix in a small bowl with lemon juice, oil, vinegar, salt, and chili powder.  Stir until blended.
3. In a large bowl, have your kale ready and pour the dressing over the kale. 
4. With your hands or salad tongs, mix really well.
5. Top with grated Asiago cheese.

*Just a note - the kale will soak up the dressing, so don't be shocked when you see your salad shrink.

Enjoy! XO

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