Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Often times we get so caught up in our daily routines and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Sometimes it's nice to just stop and give thanks for all you have been blessed with.  So, today I am thankful to the Lord for giving me another sunrise to wake up to.  I am thankful for the amazing man I get to wake up next to every day.  I am thankful I had to get up super early (when I would have loved an extra hour of sleep) to get ready for work.  I am one of the blessed ones who has a job.  I'm thankful I can pick up the phone, call my parents, and hear their voices on the other end of the line.  I am thankful for a roof over my head and am blessed to be moving to a bigger home this weekend.  I'm thankful for my wonderful friends who keep me grounded & listen & laugh with me.  I could go on and on, but I just wanted to be sure to point out that you can always give thanks in any circumstance.

My little doggie had to get spayed this morning.  Poor thing, I felt so awful.  She could not figure out why we wouldn't feed her this morning!  Bless her little heart.  We went ahead and got her micro-chipped as well.  The things we do for our animals... :)  Doc just called and informed us everything went great!

This is our last week in our house.  So hard to believe!  I tried to soak it all in this weekend through the packing.  I feel like the walls are closing in on us!  Crazy to think that your whole life can be packed into boxes, isn't it?  Rosie and I took a break from packing and went for a looooong walk through the neighborhood.  I will definitely miss my walks/jogs through this historic neighborhood.  I started feeling nostalgic and decided to take some pictures with my phone (so please excuse the quality)...

 There are little markers all over the neighborhood telling about the history.  Pretty neat.
 Love these big old victorian homes.  I'll miss looking at them.
 So many beautiful, old trees like this one.  They're incredible.
Here's a picture of Rosie, but I will miss those original hardwoods (as much as I complain about having to sweep & mop)
I will definitely miss these built-ins.  There are some perks to old homes :)
These next three are from our engagement photos, but they were literally taken right out our front door (where we had our 1st kiss too, ha!)  I love the brick streets!

Yeah, you've seen enough, right?!  ;)
Even though there are certain aspects of this home I will miss, I will NOT miss the bathrooms & kitchen, ha ha!  And Rosie will love her new fenced in backyard to run around in instead of running around my legs.  That's never a good idea.  Rope burn hurts, ouch.  I may be MIA for awhile, but I'll catch up when I'm all settled!  Oh boy, more room to decorate!  And a big kitchen!



Miranda said...

How sweet, Carrie! I know it must be hard to leave a place that is so beautiful and has so many memories and things you love. You will take these memories with you and fill your next new home with love and new memories! I love that your engagement pics and first kiss took place there as well. What a sweet post!
I hope you have a smooth and easy (physically and emotionally) move!

Beth @beth-adam.blogspot.com said...

That was so refreshing to read! :) I agree that it's nice to just stop and think of all the amazing blessings we have! Makes me smile! :) Good Luck moving and be thankful for all the new memories you'll get to share on this adventure!! :) And I LOVE that your engagement pictures were right on your street, you'll always have those to help you remember your first house together!! :) How cute!!

a place and a space said...

Beautiful engagement pictures! I hope your move went smoothly.