Saturday, January 14, 2012

What's On Our Plate, Pinspiration & God's Work

This is what happens when I fail to keep up with blogging - I have so much to put into one post.

First things first - God's work.  I have been so inspired by the Lord's work this week.  Last Saturday, I was really sour on some things after I read two articles in our local newspaper.  I won't go into great detail, but it was very apparent that there are so many lost souls in this world and it's being glorified to not have Jesus as your Savior.  It should be the opposite.  It's funny - as I've been reading my Bible during our church's Bible study of the New Testament, I keep coming to the conclusion that the people who walked the Earth 2000 years ago and the people who walk the Earth today are hardly any different.  Today, we just have more technology and fancier clothes.  But we're still as lost as ever and keep putting religion before Jesus.  2000 years ago, they were so worried about the status quo of their religion that they failed to recognize the Messiah when he stood before them.  When the scripture was fulfilled before their very eyes, they ignored it...and it's still happening today.  But this week, this video started popping up on my facebook newsfeed.  I reposted it Tuesday night and by Wednesday over 20 friends of mine had reposted it as well.  By now, who knows how many folks it's reached.  If you haven't watched it yet, take a few minutes.  This young man truly has a God given gift to be the hands and feet.  His message is so profound and is so spot on (in my opinion).  I am just amazed by his talent, or better yet by how the Lord is using this young man's talent.

"See, I spent my whole life building this facade of neatness...but now that I know Jesus, I boast in my weakness."

[Talking about the church] "It's not a museum of good people, it's a hospital for the broken..."

Those are two of my favorite quotes out of the video.  The whole thing is good, but those two struck a cord with me.  Thank God I don't have to pretend to have it all together.  Lord knows I'm a mess.  And Lord knows I am the furthest thing from perfect.  It's not enough just to "try to be good" because no one is "good".  Isn't it nice to know that the one true Son of God and Son of Man died so that we could be set free?  Mmmm it fills my heart with joy.

On to the second part of this post - my pinspiration from the week from none other than Pinterest.  (Ever since my FIL was here for Christmas and pronounced it pin-terrist, I haven't been able to stop saying it like that, LOL.)  I love trying new things with hair, make-up, and clothes...I am quite girly.  I came across this pin the other night and figured I'd give it a shot.


If you watch her video on how to recreate this look, the process is pretty darn l...o...n...g.  Not being one blessed with an abundance of patience, I tweaked the process a bit and mine came out looking like this.

I still got the great volume, but had softer waves.  I really liked the other way, but that'll just have to wait for a day when I have A LOT of time to do my hair...because it'll probably take about 45 minutes just to curl it.

To dress it down, I threw it up in a ponytail and ran some errands.

please excuse my bathtub in the background, lol
I've always used a curling iron the traditional way to make different looks, but all I did this time was tease the root at each section and then just wrap hair pieces around the barrel.  It took maybe 10-15 minutes and the curls lasted all day long, even after I took the ponytail out and slept on it.  It wasn't a "done up" look and worked well with the natural texture of my hair.  (I have really fine, wavy hair.)  Give it a try, see what you think!  I just used my curling iron that I've had since high school.  It's a Conair 1 1/2" barrel and works like a charm!

Now onto my last topic for this post...what we've been eating this week.  I mentioned a few times about how I crave heavy foods in the winter and it always leads to making me feel blah...well, of course it happened.  So we've been getting back to our normal stuff and already we both have so much more energy and clothes are fitting WAAAAY better.  It's amazing how much food affects your body.  Here's what we've eaten this week.

Mustard maple chicken, steamed asparagus and chopped tomatoes topped with basil, feta, olive oil and vinegar.

Blackened grouper, grilled squash sprinkled with olive oil and vinegar and sauteed spinach with garlic.
Cilantro lime crockpot chicken and steamed brocoli.

Grilled pork chops, baked sweet potatoes topped with cinnamon and steamed asparagus.

And it was all SO GOOD, very flavorful and so filling.  And guess what - absolutely no bad carbs (all vegetables are complex carbs so I can't say NO carbs).  I cooked every meal in less than 30 minutes so don't try to make excuses!!  Well, all of them with the exception of the sweet potatoes.  I know you can cook them in the microwave, but I always bake mine at 500° for one hour.  Personal preference, I just like them better that way.  I always make sure to have at least one green vegetable a night.  And when I steam my broccoli and asparagus, I top it with fresh lemon juice, sea salt and pepper.  It's the perfect combination.  It gives it a tangy taste.  If you want specifics on how to make any one item, let me know.  I'd be happy to help.

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my weekend with my hubby.  Last weekend, we had weather in the high 70s.  We spent all of Saturday outside and I washed both cars while J worked in the yard.  This weekend, it's FREEZING so we just did some more antiquing and hanging out at Lowes.  We have officially turned into our parents.  

I'll leave you with a funny and some food for thought.


This has been my dog ALL DAY.


Be blessed! XO

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