Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Ride!

There has been quite an exciting and unexpected turn of events in my spring break.  Not only did my best friend (besides my husband) of 22 years come home from Germany for a visit, but I got a [brand] new ride.

So long, Altima!  It had been good for me for the past 8 years, making it all the way through college with me, but it decided to die over spring break.  I guess it picked a good time since I didn't have to travel to and from work everyday.

Now for the new addition...

Isn't she pretty?!  It's kind of a silly story how this all worked out.  We had absolutely ZERO plans of buying me a car for about another year or year and a half.  But how many times do we realize that things never work out the way we plan?  My Altima had been acting up for a couple of months and after another visit to the shop this week, we just realized we better go ahead and cut our losses.  Thank the Lord for working everything out for us.  We went car shopping Friday in the most awful weather and immediately found exactly what I wanted.  We made the deal, they agreed on our numbers and it was done!  This is my first Honda and my first brand new car.  I love the new car smell!  I can't help but see God's grace be extended in everything.  He just gave us peace over the finances and worked out our deal perfectly.   I the tee exactly what we were willing and wanting to do.  So thank you for those of you who prayed for us to get this all worked out. We felt your prayers!  Blessed!

Through this, J and I have realized something about ourselves.  When we really decide on something, we know exactly what we want and we don't waste time.  Our home was the first and only house we looked at when buying.  We had looked online at homes for about a year, but this was the only one we went and viewed in person.  When buying this car, we shopped online for a couple of days, made a list of cars we wanted to see, and this car was #1.  Went to the dealer, drove it, bought it.  We don't waste any time I guess.  Ha!  But make no mistake...we are VERY informed about our choices.  We research, research, research (and PRAY) before any major purchase.  It makes the whole transaction go very smooth.

Besides all of that, we had beautiful weather today. I'm thankful for that during these last couple days of my vacation.  We enjoyed our Saturday morning relaxing on the back porch with doors and windows open.

Yup, that's mustard oozing out of my sausage biscuit. :)  Don't knock it till ya try it!

We'll be enjoying ourselves tonight at a "Saturday Night Fish Fry"!  Y'all have probably never heard this song, but having a dad that was born during the great depression has lots of perks.  I've been exposed to some of the greatest music.  I love hearing my dad sing these old songs - brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.

Enjoy your weekend!


Payday loans in San Diego said...

Your new car looks classy! I like the color as well. I bought mine last month.

Junior Perrera said...

She is pretty sleek! I like how the paint just complements the sexy curves of your new car. Under the shade of that tree, it actually looks like a panther waiting on the prowl. Well, in any case, I hope you enjoy driving your new set of wheels! Drive sensibly, drive safely. Cheers!