Thursday, March 22, 2012


It's so amazing to me how this whole world was designed with a plan by the master creator.  I just love this time of year - the birds singing loudly as they build their nests, the new life coming back from the cold winter, beautiful flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables being planted...I could go on and on.  As I get prepared for Easter in my heart, I just can't help but be so in awe of how everything comes to life this time of year.

This is kind of random, but I just wanted to make sure I document some of the beauty in our yard that we're seeing for the first time since this is our first spring in the house.  We have a little tree FULL of these blooms.  They smell so delicious and look like honeysuckle, but we knew they weren't.  They've finally been identified as wild azaleas...who knew?!  My mom, of course.  The plant guru.  I'd never heard of them, but apparently they're indigenous to this area.

Hub-sand has been working so hard in the yard almost everyday.  This weekend, he literally spent the WHOLE weekend out there.  I am very grateful because he is making it look beautiful. I know it's a lot of hard work. The picture quality in this photo is terrible, but I though this back corner of our yard was so pretty.

I saw something on Pinterest the other day that I'd really like to try.  Beautiful, right?  It's a mini resurrection garden.

And of course spring would not be complete without a new wreath on the door.

I bought this from a lady who designs these crosses in memory of her son who died in a car accident.  I have another one of hers hanging in our house.  I just love them and love the meaning behind her work.  Hubs doesn't quite know what to think of it, but I assured him that it looks great.

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