Monday, July 11, 2011

Blues Weekend, Skin Care & Meal Plan

Wow, what a weekend!  It's weekends like this past one where I am so incredibly thankful that we live here.  It's been my way of life my whole life and I often wonder what people all over the rest of the country are doing during our Blues weekend.

I don't know if the oil spill from last year contributed to this, but the crowd was larger than ever this year.  We're bouncing back!  We went for the first time by boat and had the best time.  It was like the redneck yacht club out there...everyone tied together, bbq'ing from the back of their boats, tents set up in the water.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  Here's a picture I found online today of Sabine Bay (where we were).  Is that not the coolest picture?  You can see all of the boats anchored around the sandbar.  It was a good time.

It was an all day event - left our house at 7:45 Saturday morning and did not get home until 8:15 that night.  We were wore out.  Here we are when we first anchored.  That big floppy hat saved my face from burning.

And we caught a gorgeous sunset on the way back home.

Good weekend enjoying God's gorgeous creations.

Speaking of that floppy hat saving my face from burning, I am happy to announce that I did not get burned at all.  I honestly couldn't believe it, but I kept reapplying sunscreen all day and it worked!  As I'm getting older, I'm starting to freak out about my skin.  I don't want to look wrinkly by the time I'm 30.  I wear spf 30 on my face everyday and 30 on my whole body if I'm out in the sun for an extended period of time.  Call me paranoid but I don't want to look older due to sun damage, plus skin cancer runs in my family.  I've made a pledge to never fake bake anymore, thanks to A Blonde Ambition.  You can too right here at Sun Savvy Bloggers.  In the meantime, I have found some of the best self tanner around and it smells soooo good.  I ordered mine from Sephora.

And I use Clarins self-tanner for my face.  I have the most sensitive skin in the world and this stuff works great.

I may not be as dark as I used to be, but I try to take good care of my skin.  It has to last me the rest of my life.  Plus, we all look good with some color so it doesn't hurt to try self tanners in place of tanning beds and sun.

Anyways, those are just my ramblings - take it with a grain of salt if you wish!  How about a meal plan:

Monday: Oven roasted chicken with steamed brocolli
Tuesday: Cooked spinach topped with blackened Swai
Wednesday: It's my birthday!  Jared's cooking me dinner :) Grilled steaks & sweet potatoes
Thursday: Grilled pork chops, mashed potatoes & steamed brocolli
Friday: Attending a bridal shower after work
Saturday: Out for my birthday dinner!
Sunday: Dinner at my parents' house :)

Stay tuned - I'll post my recipe for Eat Clean Pizza.  I've had a few requests and would love to share.  Hope everyone had a great start to their week.  Be blessed!


Kelly said...

Finally - I've been asking for good self-tanners! Thanks honey! I'm with you - I couldn't believe that I didn't get burned on Saturday! Glad you had such a great time :-) XO

Yelena Starikova said...

You guys such a beutiful couple! i love Clarins skin care I just bought Auto Bronzer and its the best EVEr!

Im your new follower!


Carrie Louise said...

Hey Yelena! Thank you for the sweet compliment about me and my hubby! I am so blessed, that's for sure.

I'm going to have to try out Auto Bronzer next! Thanks for the tip :)