Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tink's 2nd Birthday

My little niece is 2 years old!  Seems like just yesterday this picture was taken.  I just can't believe how fast time flies.  It makes me sad.  I'm going to be somethin' else when I have kids of my own.

Her birthday party was Sunday.  My SIL and Bro threw a Cookie Monster themed party and it was SO CUTE!  Amber did such an awesome job.  Look at how precious it all turned out.

Her cupcakes were awesome too.

Such a cute idea!

It was a fun, fun day.  Tink (that's her nickname) got so many wonderful presents.  She is so loved :)

She finally got some pink BOOOOOOOOTs (that's how she says boots) that she's been wanting.  So funny - her mom asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she replied, "pink boots and a bicycle!"

But then she wasn't so sure that she liked wearing them so she decided to hang them on her new bicycle handlebars instead.  Great idea right?!  Haha! She used to be TERRIFIED of I had to take mine off when I'd come see her or she'd point at them and say NO NO BOOOOTs!

This kid is hilarious.  I love her so much.  She wasn't in the mood for pictures, but I did manage to get one with her!

And then last night, we went over to my parents' for dinner and she just had to go ride "Pawpaw's boat" aka my parents' jetski.  We had fun :)

Happy Birthday, little one!  You are SUCH a blessing to our family and we all love you very, very much!


Miss Cupcake said...

Such great pics!!! She's adorable!! I love the decor and party table!!! Those cupcakes look amazing!!! :)


Southern in the City said...

aww what a cutie! I love those cupcakes!!

Katie Runnels said...

Aw!!! Such a sweet idea for a party!! I think these are the first pics I have ever seen of her!! I LOVE her name by the way. Mom tells me a lot about her though - since she and your mom were becoming GRANDMAs at the same time!! lol.

Caitlin C. said...

I love the cookie monster.. what a cute party idea!! She's adorable. And those cupcakes looks delicious!

Carrie Louise said...

Thanks, everyone! Her mom sure did a good job!

@Katie, I bet her and Elleah would be good friends :)