Monday, July 25, 2011

Meal Plan

We had a pretty eventful weekend full of the beach with friends 

and our niece's Cookie Monster themed 2nd birthday party (stayed tuned, I'll post more about that later this week) 

It was a lot of fun!  I'm so blessed to have such wonderful family members & friends - near and far!

Here's this week's Meal Plan -
Monday: Rotisserie Lemon Pepper Chicken with steamed broccoli (I'm making life easier for myself - I didn't get to grocery shop yesterday)
Tuesday: Meat, Tomato, and Mozzarella Stuffed Eggplant Cups *recipe adapted from here
Wednesday: Blackened Swai with steamed veggies
Thursday: Eat Clean Turkey Tacos w/refried beans
Friday: Grilled pork steaks with sauteed squash and tomatoes
Saturday: Chicken Spaghetti with a salad and Apple Galette for dessert
Sunday: My day to rest :)

What do y'all think about sharing your meal plans on my blog?  I know a lot of you do this as well and it'd be helpful to exchange ideas and recipes.  Comment or email me and let me know what you think.

I'm hoping to make this divine grilled cheese sandwich this weekend.  

Publix has mozzarella on sale so it looks like it's in the cards for me.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

Hope y'all have had a great start to your week.  The weekends pass too quickly!


ashley said...

those grilled cheese sandwiches look amazing!!! I like the idea of posting meal plans, maybe it will inspire me to cook more often!

Lindsey said...

Those sandwiches just made me drool! YUM! Cant wait to hear how they turn out!

Nicole said...

Her birthday party looks so cute! Can't wait to see more pictures! :)

Beth said...

Love that cookie monster theme! I can't wait to hear more about it too!! :) And anything with grilled and cheese in a recipe name sounds YUM to me! :)

Kelly said...

I love it that I'm not the only one who actually uses the ideas I find on Pinterest! Glad you had such a great weekend beautiful! :-)

Carrie Louise said...

Y'all - those sandwiches were awesome! I'll post about it later :)