Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Blog Name

When coming up with a blog name, I had ever heard the quote, "God's grace is like grits. You don't order it -- it just arrives as part of the feast."  As a matter of fact, I just stumbled across that today so I did some investigating.  Apparently, this quote arose from a Waffle House order wherein a man did not order grits with his meal, but received them on his plate.  When he told the waitress he did not order grits, the waitress replied, “you don’t order grits, it just comes!” 

One thing led to another and this little statement got theologians thinking that grits are like God's grace in that you don't ask for it, it comes to you when you receive Him.  I thought that was pretty neat.  You should google it and read more about or click this link.

Who knew!  Ha!  And I just named this blog 'God, Grace, Grits' because those are three elements that define my life - I love my Lord and Savior, I'm so thankful for His grace & I'm a southern girl through and through born and raised on some good ole grits.


Kelly said...

love this!

Whitney said...

I think the blog name is so fabulous. I love this post :)

Carrie Louise said...

Thanks, y'all! I thought it was pretty unique and catchy :)